How to defeat the Ender Dragon

Top tips and techniques for taking down the flying beast known as the Ender Dragon Now that you’ve got a Portal into The End, you can In. It‘s likely that you’ll land on a platform of obsidian that is 4×4 blacks out over the abyss. Your first mission is to build a bridge across to […]

Breed animals on your farm

Here you’ll learn some of the things required to successfully breed animals The process of animal breeding involves finding the kind of food the animal you wish to attract likes, luring it to your desired area and making sure there are two of them. Each animal likes a different kind of food, which will be […]

An overview of farming

Useful tips to get you started with farming Farming in Minecraft will be your go-to method of obtaining sustainable food, both at the beginning of the game and later on. Its uses also extend to a steady flow of ingredients for non-food items, such as paper. The simplest use of farming is to ensure you’re […]

Using the Right Tools For the Job!

This doesn’t seem apparent and you may never actually discover it yourself. But doesn’t it seem like you don’t really need tools to begin with? You can punch dirt and stone and it still breaks right? Well, I’ve got news for you. First off, using the right tool makes progress much faster. If punching stone […]

How to craft a cake

How to craft a cake in minecraft. You will need: 3 buckets of milk 2 sugar 1 egg 3 wheat arrange them like the image below: How to get buckets of milk? A bucket of milk is an item obtained from Cows and Mooshrooms by right-clicking on them with an empty bucket. Did you know: The milk bucket is one of the few items […]

How to craft a piston

How to craft a piston in minecraft. What you will need: 4 cobblestone 1 iron ingot 3 wooden planks Arrange them like the image below: Craft a sticky piston: Sticky Pistons are similar to the Piston; the difference is that it can pull blocks as well as push them. Did you know: If a piston pushes […]