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Frustrated with dying in minecraft repeatedly?

Learn The survival skill of minecraft

Learn to build Complex structures an redstone circuitry.

What guides do you have?

Our Minecraft strategy guide is the ultimate primer tutorial to:

  • Learn the basics you need to know about crafting, craft tables, furnaces & smelting
  • Introduce you to the different minerals you can find in the game and explain the many differences between them so you can use it to your advantage
  • Show you how to use farming to save time gathering resources
  • Teach you about the dreaded ‘Nether’ world, how to get there and how to get out
  • Introduce you to passive, neutral and aggressive mobs and how you can protect and defend yourself and your items against their attacks
  • Explain what mods, skins and texture packs do and how to install them

Our guides are here to show you the best strategies to Minecraft, including anything to do with crafting items, what you need for them, survival skills to deal with every monster, as well as tips on how to create the more difficult mechanisms in Minecraft like building an Elevator or monster traps.

Ever searched for a video on creating a mechanism but it didn’t work because it was patched and changed meaning it became outdated? That won’t happen here because we’re constantly updating our guides.

  • Easy to follow minecraft help survival skills to taking all mobs
  • prepare for any big project by knowing where to find and create important items
  • List item

If you are just beginning your journey in this vast new game world, then our Complete Beginners Guide to Minecraft has something for you! It’s the kind of comprehensive overview that should be connected with the game itself. We’ve listened to many people on forums and around the net complaining that, while the game is great, it lacks good documentation. Players, like yourself, are looking for a good Minecraft tutorial with helpful tips & advice and THIS IS IT! Split into several easy to understand sections and packed with many pages of information and screenshots, this is a “must have” guide for any beginner starting out in Minecraft looking to get the absolute most out of this awesome game!